Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hoset Part II

That leads up to the time I started getting over him, in December. An important time in my life why? Because, on December 12, 2009, is the day I officially started RP'ing as Belarus, or Natalia Alfroskaya as I first started out. And boy, am I glad I did. I started watching/reading Hetalia in November I think, which took my mind of jerkland. And. I made a facebook too, and I saw that there were APH characters who had profile. I was all like "leik no wai!! They have accounts?!" so I started adding them, and eventually figured out that, there were people who roleplayed as APH characters. It stuck me as very weird and nerdy, but I decided to make an account for Belarus anyways. It was actually pretty awesome. A first I was bored, because like any newbie RP'er I really didn't know what to do. I remember the first person to RP with e was General Barbarossa.. something or other, an OC pirate character, who was unfortunately deleted by his creator, who also has about three other accounts right now, but he'll be on hiatus for three years -sob sob sob- But he said that he;ll show up at my doorstep if I wanted him to.. annnnyways. I've had an awesome time RP'ing, I've made like so many accounts. Let's see..: Belarus, Mexico OC, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Poketrainer Belarus, Fascist Spain, KFC guy, Seychelles, Aerican Empire, Wiemar Republic Germany, David Vila, Robert Green, and... that's all I think, unless there is more.. I've deleted half my accounts, but I had an awesome time Roleplaying as each and everyone of them. Let's see, my Belarus account used to be Natalia Alfroskaya, but the name Alfroskaya got outdated and was officially made Arlovskaya. So her name's Natalia ベラルーシ Arlovskaya now. My Mexico OC account that got deleted was named Carlos 'Mexico' Diego Alvarez, he was fun while it lasted. But Netherlands account which is very inactive is called Adrianus 'Netherlands' Van Dijk. He's really awesome but I make him too OOC xD. My denmark account is named Mathias 'Denmark' Køhler. He's awesome. Sweden of course was Berwald Oxenstierrna. Poketrainer Belarus was Natalia 'poketrainer' Alfroskaya. Fascist Spain -turning into my main account now- is Antonio 'Francoist' Fernandez Carriedo. KFC man was.. Kernel 'Hetalia' Sanders. Seychelles was Shya Lena Siluro. WR Germany Ludwig 'deutchs republik' Weillschmidt. and yeah the other characters -soccer ones- are pretty obvious. And boy, RP'ing has ealy taken my mind off alot of things, and it's been a positive experience for me. Really, I've made so many friends through Hetalia all over the world, it's pretty amazing. Anyways, all RP'ing i do is on Facebook or skye where I RP as Denmark. Read more Hoshet Part III

Hoshet. Part I

Wow, I noticed I haven't written in my blog since when, last year? Man.. this really brings back memories.. hjgrefwehjfjwgjr oh god I'm feeling nostalgic. =A= ffff, I just remember about it...when I logged onto my old twitter account. Gosh, I should write in here more. Anyways, an update on my life since the last time I posted. Wow.. it's truly been hectic. Where to start.. well I updated the last time by saying my schedule for Grove. Well.. wow, Grove. My Freshman year was pretty.. wow. Okay.. so I'll start out by remembering the first day. Well, I went pretty early in the morning to pick up my official schedule, and it turns out they changed my math class to B5. I was all like.. alrighty then, b5 it is. I saw.. jerkland in the morning and hugged him.. and whatnot. Ugh. Aaaanyways, I got lost on my first day, Bawww :'D I went to this one room that said B5 on it and sat there for like.. 10 minutes until I realized it was an English class, not a math class. -D'brickshaw- So yeah, I went to my math class after I asked a nice attendance lady. So then yeah.. it was pretty cool the first few days of school, getting to know everything and everyone. I can still accurately remember it.. still fresh in my mind, it'd just be too long to describe -that's what she said- getting back on topic, I switched a few classes and adjusted, for example, I got Miss Hathaway instead of Mr.Griffin. I was pretty bummed out at first, but Mrs>Hathaway was boss. She is one of the best teachers ever~ Oh, the times I had in her class. That was the only class that I could actually foold around in xD Then.. I kind of hate how I secluded myself from friends just to be around jerkland. I really really regret that. And as you -the reader- may or may not know, Jerkland is ...that guy, ugh, I really do not want to say his name, but if you know/knew me then you might know who I'm talking about. But then afterwards, like the true friends they were, they accepted me back, and boy am I glad, Eww, I went through that whole weepy breakup thing. How stupid of me. We slit in October.. a bit after my birthday, but who cares? I don't. I'm pretty glad we did. In fact.. I am truly happy now. Read more in Part II